2013 Mersin Mediterranean Games

We have completed with success the 2013 Mediterranean Games in Mersin.

With the participation of 21 countries in 32 branches within the scope of xvıı. Mediterranean Games held June 20-30, 2013, were in our service area with Project Management – Software

Development – Operations Management – Game Information System, 700 square meters of LED screens and video walls.

Each facility and trained experts in the field about which involved at least 10 employee, operation, integration between systems and to ensure the continuity of essential services are provided.

Games Information System, developed by Kronos, and controlled by 7/24 centralized management softwares and completely integrates with Timing and Scoring System; information system content that consists of results and promotional video, broadcast to 185 screens ,distributed to facilities, uninterrupted.

Nearly 30,000 people that watched our broadcast firstly got the result via Kronos Information Systems.

Our expertise in Project Management showed that guarantee our success in the game, the event was completed without a problem-based organizations throughout our system.

Mersin, Trabzon, Erzurum and we provide the installation and continuous operation in the event of timely performance LED solutions has become one of the most valuable members of our family of solutions in all games.

Event management systems software technologies produced using solutions from Eventum® which is a registered trademark of Kronos, with a different understanding and efficiency with a modular structure brought to the event management and the use of technology management activities with output provided to the participants opened a new era.