Kronos Talent Systems


The Talent Identification System, which one of the most important solutions of Kronos, is aiming to reveal undiscovered potential athletes. The system, which covers the stages of scanning, examining, undergoing various tests based on information systems and physical tests and being analysed by our experts of all children of the country from the time they start school, provides every country with vast gains, the financial equivalence of which cannot be measured for every country.

Our system guarantees to find athletes who will win medals at olympic levels and for every child, whether skilled or not, to self-develop by doing the sports within the most convenient branch for the child’s physical features with the below provided services, which are presented in connection with the studies carried out for years;

  • Talent Identification Information Management System
  • Data Collection Software
  • Talent Identification Site Services
  • Expert Analysis of Talent Data

The Talent Identification model separates candidates in certain age groups according to their physical and mental competence and coaches them to winning medals at olympic level organisations. For this system, trough which advanced scientific methods are applied, a cooperation with a scientific board, composed of sports institutes, universities and sports academies which have been implementing the system for 50 years was established.

  • The Program detects talents and most  convenient sport
  • Tests potential in three different steps, Pre-Test, Final Test and Laboratory Test, on at least 10 parameters
  • Manages the first step towards top level development by directing the highly talented to camps of related branches
  • Provides web-based analysis softwares for data collected at every stage
  • Offers information sharing and integration opportunities on demand for follow-up purposes to the related divisions of the countries regarding the data and results (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Health, etc.)
  • Provides inputs for Talent Development Program and data transfer


The system which provides the required methods, trainers and suitable programs for the improvement of capacities of registered athletes, detected with the Talent Identification System or any other methods and the analysis and reporting of effects.

One of the most important services provided is to carry the athlete to the level of elit athlete by directing to the correct program and the most suitable tournaments. It provides the infrastructure and resource necessary for the athlete to mentally adapt to the progressing career apart from the technology supported physical improvement. It also generates success guaranteeing suggestions on matters such as athlete health and nutrition together with competition and rest programs in order to improve the critically important sportive efficiency with short and long term studies.

The program is at least comprised of the following:

  • Training Requirements
  • Nutrition Management and Monitoring

  • Tendency Improvement Monitoring System
  • Athlete Monitoring Software
  • Athlete Health Monitoring
  • Trainer Information System
  • Management of Need-Based Trainer Pool

A planned and detailed study is required in order to develop a sustainable, fruitful and successful training and improvement program in international sports. Within this scope, our team, with its international experience and field expertise, offer development and implementation of necessary plans and programs, providing technological support, monitoring of all subprocesses and the necessary consultancy and training services to the related institutions.


One of the most important steps in sportive success is the monitoring and analysis of how the athlete is reacting to the implemented programs. Through such means, it will be possible to accumulate knowledge which will ensure the establishment of correct programs and faster improvement of next generation candidates. Furthermore, this knowledge is an information, the acquisition of which is not possible with any other system, which is exclusive for the culture, social habits of the society of the country, the program is implemented in and ensures the detection of norms on this subject.

The database, formed via athlete monitoring system, provides the opportunity to conduct national analysis and researches apart from athlete specific analysis as the system contains detailed criteria such as complete profile information, health, nutrition, programs applied and results with regard to every athlete. Advanced analysis softwares for all analyses is presented within the system.

The system, through such means, can generate recommendation reports, pre-active and proactive warnings, which will ensure success, to its users such as the managers, trainers, doctors and athletes. Thus, the occurrence of problems, such performance decrease due to malnutrition or risk of injury due to improper training will be prevented by the system.