Cyber-Center is a complete information management system consists of many integrated applications ensuring data security and enhances your institution’s intelligence capabilities.

Data standardization and Integration

We apply a comprehensive requirement analysis method specific to your organization to determine current situation of the Relational Database Management Systems and data applications. We deliver custom software development for data and application integration with Cyber-Center.

Cyber-Center Operation Center

Operation Center provides all tools and licenses to monitor and manage security services and intelligence services with Service Oriented Architecture. It can access all data sources consolidated and all applications to manage every level of threats and pro-active reports.


A complete solution for cyber security, intelligence and visual analysis

Information Assurance

Designed to run integrated with Cyber-Center provides robust and resilient architectures, network and data zoning and segregation, hardened configurations, comprehensive assessments, integrated monitoring, identity management and secure supply chain assistance. We use latest techniques to detect threats and safeguard multiple systems across data classification levels.

Threats Management and Monitoring

This scalable module, using SureView, CrosView, Convergence and Privileged User Management Policies, monitors and correlate end-user behavior across networks, observe, aggregate, analyze and audit data from the endpoint.

Threats/Crime Analysis/Intelligence Applications

Insider threats and all potential risks in any system connected to Cyber-Center are handled and eliminated. Potential scenarios applied in order to get alerted.

Pro-active/Dynamic Analysis Module

Since Cyber-Center is designed to increase the dynamic analysis capabilities, it brings all kind of data resources together. This module uses Web Monitoring System, Intelligence, C-Stars ve Broadcast Monitoring System to gather HTTP resources, live TV broadcasts, telephone and CCTV. It supports up to 13 languages to collect any kind of data (sound, video or html text) and store as XML to make ready for advanced analysis.

Visual Analytics

Probably the most important component of Cyber-Center is Visual Analytics. It executes comprehensive analysis on very big amount of data using multiple resources. It allows pattern discovery techniques for visual analysis. Our products are running in the core system. This system gives users to build dynamic cyber models and simulations. It helps you to eliminate risks, identify crimes and obtain operational objectives easier than ever.

Central Management System

Web based management console for CyberCenter applications and users. It allows you to reach all configurations, rights management and reports.

Cyber-Center Operation Center (Hardware)

Cyber-Center Operation Center should be constructed in a secure and proper base for its hardware. Those are Data Center hardware systems will run on (server, storage, network), screens to follow processes (video walls, led screens), secure access and communication tools (VPN, secure IP communication, access control for authorized staff, client pc’s).