Energy Management System


Exclusive Software Solution For Energy Distribution

The philosophy driving the inspiration for Kronos Energy is the development of analytical solutions against the origin of the problem, hence ensuring the customer satisfaction by reducing the investment and operational costs. On that mission, Kronos Energy provides high-tech Engineering Solutions by using the tools of Science.

Kronos Energy is the leading and reliable solution provider of its sector because of its “Cost and time effective Solution” approach at all projects undertaken with no reference to its scale. In order to produce value adding projects Kronos Energy’s general understanding is; making more business with lesser cost at the shortest period by the management of the sources efficiently.

a. Measurement, calculation, reporting and analysis of losses occurring on lines, cables and transformers during energy distribution process are carried out with the Technical Losses Management. By taking the advantage of Technical Losses Management it is possible to monitor and evaluate the system performance, thus implement improvements to achieve target loss. The measurements are conducted by means of hi-tech instruments such as analysers, quality log recorders and customer meters.

b. Based on a simple equation, the amount of energy losses can be calculated as shown below;

Total Energy = Energy Loss + Energy Readings + Illegal Energy Use

With regard to given continuity equation, illegally used energy can be detected and measured sensitively by correct energy readings and our Illegal Use Management solution. Accuracy of the energy readings have critical importance to examine the amount and status of illegal uses.

c. Management, reports indicating failure analysis and correct maintenance activities must be carried together with Failure & Maintenance Management in order to invest in correct areas. Thus, service quality is ensured by means of utilizing the CAPEX shapely and minimizing the OPEX costs.

d. Correct, rapid and cost-free reading of the energy meters used by the customers can be easily organised and carried out with Consumption Reading Management. Automatic type electric meters are used in this process for accurate readings with no labour requirement. Therefore, 2 valuable paramaters of whole system are enhanced remarkably;

  • personnel expenses are reduced and,
  • time is saved by proper metering and modem investment.

Furthermore, erroneous readings can be prevented by the use of meters which have optic reading feature.

e.  Apart from the aforementioned fundamental processes our system covers all processes with support modules such as Project-Facility-Investment Management, Construction Network Management, Expropriation Management, Call Centre Management, Opening Cut off Management, Outage Management, Meter Management. Please contact us for further information.


End-users are put under the scope with Marketing and Sales Management. Efficiency is improved through estimation and collection grading of receiver’s consumption and analysis of measurements about consumption characteristics.
In addition to the management of huge information pool about customers, consumption characteristics, collection variables and Company’s exclusive particulars, it is also possible to manage and report new subscriptions and sales agreements thanks to our Customer Management System. It particularly enables the rapid and correct analysis of critical data which can effect sales directly. Thus, helps the user to submit the best offer before any other retail company does.

The collection of indexes, which are read by distribution after billing, is conducted with Invoicing and Collection Management. Some of our applications provided for support are; Human Resources Management, Purchase and Stock Management, Legal Transactions Management and Accounting.

By the integrated application which directly effects the easy and effective management and rapid-instant-correct reporting of processes, here is a list of the services we offer within the scope of Energy Distribution Implementations;

  • Scada-DMS-OMS: Remote Measurement and Control, Distribution Management System, Outage Management System
  • GIS: Geographical Information System
  • OSOS: Automatic Meter Reading System
  • Call Center: IVR and Call Management System

All processes and applications requiring integration can only operate with high efficiency if they co-operate, which is also the case for our system. Our Energy Management System implementations are based on 3 main functions:

  • Management and monitoring
  • Measurement and control
  • Reporting and audit