Custom Engineered Fabrications

As one of the leading integrator companies, Kronos Energy utilizes extensive experience and know-how regarding the design and supply of tailored system solutions.

Special requirements of many different industries and harsh processes are evaluated in a very detailed approach by our experts. International codes and standards such as ASME VIII Div.1 and Div.2, PED 2014/68/EU, DNV and AD2000 Merkblatt are respected during the engineering and fabrication stages.

For all projects undertaken, Kronos Energy manages and carries all steps for;

  • Engineering design and calculations
  • Procurement of raw materials (metals, special alloys, etc)
  • Fabrication of systems by highly skilled staff
  • Surface cleaning and special coatings

  • Instrumentation design and supply
  • Automation of whole system
  • Quality control tests and certification
  • Installation and commissioning if required.

As well as above mentioned, consultancy services are also provided upon request.

Please contact us for further information.