System Integration and Application Development Services

Our System Integration division was structured in order to successfully combine the products and solutions of Kronos with the applications and services our customers provide so as to generate tailor-made solution.

Our competency, as Kronos, of custom System Integration based on extensive experiences for the Public Sector ensures for us to convert persons, processes, technologies

and corporate architecture into a single and complete business system and to design and carry realible solution into effect. We have developed end-to-end services and standardized solution packages within complex environments by means of advanced technologies for to develop and implement systems which will support and improve the needs and strategies of institutions and to ensure the continuity of these systems. We cooperate with our strategical partners and suppliers, each one of which is recognized and expert in its field of activity while putting our System

Integration solutions into practice. Many turnkey projects, which we successfully completed within the public and private sector and the satisfaction are the indicators of our outstanding success within this field.


part from the software investements of our company exclusively made towards sectoral needs, we provide the opportunity to develop integrated systems in line with any need of institutions and organisations by courtesy of our expert teams. Kronos, which possesses the competency to develop platform independent turnkey software, can generate solutions in the areas of mobile, database and system applications through the use of Microsoft .NET, Java and Php technologies. Our innovative and investigative team constanstly renew and develop itself with up-to-date technologies

We submit private network, security, back up, virtualization, server storage, disaster recovery, software and reporting solutions on every layer within the integrated system development process to institutions or organisations, with an understanding of customer-oriented Project Management, by overseeing such solutions by our area expert teams for every platform.