Event Management Services


We provide professional services in every stage from volunteer training to expert auditing teams for multi-sport international organisations. Standart conforming and efficient planning is ensured through the monitoring and management of all preparation processes of the organization with our “on-site services”. We provide the solutions for fields given below for our highly experienced team to provide planning, auditing, management and operational services at all of the international events:

  • Preparation of Event Master Plan
  • Preparation of Operational Plans” Supply works and requirement identification” services
  • Agreement Management
  • Event specific Human Resources Planning and Management Services
  • International communication (PR)
  • Volunteer Training
  • Information Security
  • Corporate Identity
  • Game Control
  • Risk Management


Eventum®, which is a registered brand of Kronos Timing, is an advanced event management system holding references and successfully used in many international multi-sport events. It assists organisations committees/companies for to create, develop and manage events in the most efficient manner such as entertainment, culture, corporate organisations or particularly sports. Event management is comprised of components such as designation of target audience, planning, coordination, logistics and technical issues. Eventum Event Management System is composed of stand alone operating subapplications, each of which is responsible of different operations. While one or two application can be sufficient for a smooth event process in small sized organisations, tens of applications, which can operate in fully integrated matter and exchange data, are required as the size of the event grows.

The architecture of EVENTUM, when observed from above, consists of inputs, applications and outputs. All data, collected through different applications or users, are stored in Information System component of Eventum. Information Systems are responsible for the management of defined data, which are used by the applications, at event management processes. After the data are collected, it moves on to the application section. Management Systems component of Eventum is a segment, where operations and generated business flows are collected and the collected information are used within this framework.
Ability of information sharing, as integrated with other applications, interfaces and exterior systems, which the system is integrated with during the operations, not only strengthens event management but also guarantees the inclusion of the acquired or provided information without any errors.

The EVENTUM system was basically established with an output basis. In order to generate an event identity card, processes are identified based on register and accreditation applications and similarly in order to create a transportation calendar, procedures such as arrival/departure and accommodation are recorded. According to the operating principle of Eventum, the purpose of event management is not to increase the number of used applications/module, but to obtain correct and high quality outputs. For this reason, EVENTUM is focused not on the number of steps taken but on the quality of the introduced product. Integrations are fed via a data pool supported with business intelligence processes which generate event summary information by creating in-depth analysis of all systems with Information Systems and Operational Outputs.

EVENTUM creates, at the end of every event, reasonable summary of the event of all of the information collected during the event in order to provide experience for the subsequent events.
As can be understood from the structure of Eventum, it provides an end-to-end experience of event management with its sub-applications. “Eventum game information system” which manages screens to be assembled on end points such as outdoor Led, Indoor Signage Led screend and Video Wall, integration of tablet pc hardware, to which the user will input data collected from the field and applications such as KIOSK software solutions for interactive customer applications are just a small number of examples of these.

Main Functions Of Eventum
  • Web User/Participant Register and Accreditation
  • Calendar Management
  • Accommodation and Reservation Management
  • Labour Force & Volunteer Management
  • Uniform Management
  • Call Center Management
  • Request Processing

  • Transportation Management
  • Catering Management
  • Asset Management
  • Duty Management
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Ticketing Management
  • Social Media and Web Information Sharing Management


Kronos, while providing site operational services exclusive to event, participates in every sport venue during project installation process and during the operation in order to perform its venue operational services. Services performed by field operation team;

Installation Stage

  •  Conduct site circumstance follow-up
  • Documentation of construction and infrastructure (Network and electricity) status with weekly reports.
  •  Determination and reporting of intrasite cabling (FOP) and other Cabling and energ infrastructure needs
  •  Control of FOP and other Infrastructures of Result Systems
  • Ensuring the communication between Timing teams and other stakeholders (facility management, broadcast, Technical Delegates etc.)

Operation Stage 

  • Satisfying all kinds of needs necessary for problem-free operation of timing and scoring equipment and complete performance of timing and scoring services
  •  Detecting deficiencies at site before such become problems through control lists and taking required corrective actions on time
  • Ensuring the communication between Timing teams and other stakeholders
  •  Assignment, monitoring and logistic coordination of technology volunteers on site