Eventum is gaining appreciation

Eventum which is an Event Management Software System, is a registered trademark of Kronos. When architecture of the Eventum is viewed from above, it comprises inputs, applications and outputs. All the data received via different application or by the user are collected in architecture called Information Systems. Information Systems, is responsible for the management of data used by the defined application in event management process.


Data collected after passing the practical part as well. The architecture section called Management Systems, which includes operations and created a defined workflow, the information collected is being used in this segment of the frame.

At this point, other structures involved in the process that integrates the system during operation. Integration is one of the important elements for Eventum. As programmatically to talk with external systems to share information and event management functions make it a powerful, solid form without any deterioration in the acquired knowledge or gives a guarantee given that the system included.

Eventum system is basically built on the outputs. In order to create an event ID card, registration and accreditation procedures are defined. Or in a similar way to create a transportation schedule operations like arrival/departure and accommodation are recorded. Purpose of an event management, not to increase the number of the used application/module. The aim is to get an accurate and high-quality output. Therefore, Eventum focused not on the number of steps but quality of the product released by.

Integration, Information Systems and Operational Output called the entire system EAGLE EYE, is fed from a repository supported by business intelligence processes that make an event summary information by in-depth analysis of facing the system and above. At the end of the event, a summary report and all the information collected during the event is delivered to the institution owner of the organization.