Timing And Scoring

Central Result System (CRS)

Our system which ensure the operation of Timing and Scoring System, On-Site Result System and TV Graphics system as a central system. Contest management, official result distribution, Scoreboard and web systems result distribution can be performed through this system.

Commentator Information System

The system, which is managed by On-Site Result System and which provides real time result information to commentator and interactive use. Offered to users with touchscreen tablet devices.

On-Venue Result System (OVR)
  • Automatically generates contest structure (fixture) and schedule
  •  Automatically receives Timing and Scoring System results, automatically calculates outputs such as ranking-medal; offers the opportunity for manual changes

  • Generates printed results (for judges) and/or electronic media outputs (for exterior systems)
  • Operates integrated with central database and displaying systems

TV Graphics and Real Time Data Processing System

Our every TV graphics division is connected to OBVan and MDC with redundant LAN. Offers real time content with tailor-made design.


Kronos Timing can be operated with all of the leading timing products of the world.

  • Alge
  • Omega
  • Lynx
  • Stramatel
  • TAG-Heuers
  • TimeTronics

  • Seiko EDM (HS Sport)
  • MicroGate
  • AMB – MyLaps
  • Stramatel
  • Colorado
  • Mondo
  • Daktronics

Eventum and Interworking Features

No matter which product or brand is used with the Timing and Scoring System, the prior issues are the central management and inter working principles. Eventum, as an integration platform possesses integration interfaces which ensure the interworking of the Timing and Scoring System with all of the software systems. Additionally, our Central Result system and On-Site Result System enables the embedded operation of the system on data basis independently of the product brand. Thus providing cost and time saving by assuring the inter working of facilities of different brands with Timing investment within the scope of a multi-sport event.